The importance of your Data

An analysis will be carried out by the company in order to ensure the backed up data. The copy will be carried out from a cloud server or in a hard disk drive from the company.

Server Virtualization (VPS)

If, instead of a dedicated server, you need a machine for a specific task, and a real server seems excessive, we can also offer virtual machines so you can host your solution with the appropriate dimension.

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Online Back-up

Our Back-up copy software is a high performance cross-platform that allows the creation of back- up copies through internet of servers, desktops and laptops.

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Website Hosting

From Llool Technology, we are able to facilitate a space in our servers in order to be able to host your websites and manage your email accounts in an easy and effective manner.

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Server Hosting

The renting service of space in our Data Processing Center, is destined for those who need to place your IT and communications infrastructure in a specialized space.

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IT Security

LloolTechnology, has at your disposal a complete IT security management catalogue to reduce risks and the assets that support business processes in a cost effective way.

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24/7 Contact

Our technical support is completely used to it.

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Looking for a custom solution?

We can provide you with the best custom solutions on the market, regardless of whether you are a small business or a large corporation.

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