Repairs on hacked CMS, Wordpress and Joomla. Source code boosts.

  • 05-12-2019

It’s the XIX century, time of scams, time to say enough to the amount of criminals attacking our websites nonstop. Many agencies thinking about using the trending software “WordPress” to make their small websites but… if they don´t use WordPress or Joomla, how do they do them? There is a lack for real programmers, you can´t find people that will enter a website’s source code and fixes your problems. People will hire websites with people who compile a source code, upload two sliders onto revolution slider and think they know how to create a site. But, how many of those people, know how to fix a virus on a website? How many of those people know how to take on a malicious URL code and clean it?

There are many questions that we often ask ourselves and that we have no answer for. It is really easy to create a website in WordPress, it is very easy to upload the wp-content, the template and get everything done but, does anyone check the vulnerability? I do not even do it myself because time is money, because you do not get paid to do it, because it is not worth it and there will eventually be an update from the actual developer, meaning, myself.

We can hire a web developer in Asturias in order to solve our malware and virus issues, because believe me, they are the best ones in this field but even so and safeguarding all the services, we will encounter problems. Why? Because they don´t create a maintenance contract in order for everything to go smooth.

This week they put into the cloud a website in Japanese.