Information Security

We obtain your secures sites.


Information security is a concept that affects people's privacy, the confidentiality of the information that businesses have to deal with and the Public Administrations, making it a topic that affects the whole society.

That is the reason why that digital trust the society has, is fundamental fot the technological disclosure that affects growth, knowledge, social well-being and the economy in the current times.

There are several organizations in charge of standardizing the most adequate procedures regardind information procession, disasters prevention, continuity plans in case of any unexpected event and classifying the incidents that happen in our surroundings. The main goal is the respect of a person's integrity and the upkeep of social and economic activity from all the agents that intervene in our society.

LLOL TECHNOLOGY intends to contribute to maintain the activities of our companies an Public Administrations witsh the guarantee of all the experience acquired since 2006 in technologies and the methodologies udes to protect the information



We have available storage arrays (DELL, HP) that we adapt to the needs of our customers, no matter what the demands are.

Lab and Monitoring

We monitor every process from our servers 24/7. We have a lab where we perform all the tests before transfering our solutions to the production process.


Our multiprocessor servers structure Intel Xeon, is available width redundancy for our customers to operate in the most efficient manner possible.